What is the purpose of Northcott Fabric Circle?
Northcott's goal is to connect the fans of our fabrics in a fun and exciting way. We want to link our employees, designers, pattern makers and retail shops that carry our products to the consumers that like and use Northcott fabrics.
Who can use the Northcott Fabric Circle?
Anyone who likes Northcott fabrics and wants to learn more about them or share what they have created with them, can use this site. You need a valid email address to sign up. We welcome Quilters, Crafters and sewers of all kinds, Quilt Shops and Craft Shops, Pattern Makers, Fabric Designers and anyone who wants to hear more about Northcott.

Click this link to watch our handy YouTube video that walks you through how to sign up to become a member of the Northcott Fabric Circle: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbfiQm1du7w&feature=youtu.be
What can I do on the Northcott Fabric Circle?
Lots of fun stuff:
  • View projects others have made with Northcott fabrics
  • Post your own projects you have made with Northcott fabrics and share them with others
  • Read about local quilt shops when they are featured (COMING SOON)
  • Find a local quilt shop near you that carries Northcott fabrics (COMING SOON)
  • Browse our list of resources to find helpful quilting and crafting information (COMING SOON)
  • Join the Stonehenge Club to hear the latest news about this popular fabric line that is always expanding (JOIN NOW IN YOUR PROFILE, THIS SECTION IT IS COMING SOON)
Can I post photos of projects I have made with another company's fabrics?
Since this is the Northcott Fabric Circle, you have to have at least one Northcott fabric included in the project in order to post it.
What do you do with my personal information?
We use it to better understand our fans and help you connect with others. We do not sell your information to third party organizations. View our Privacy Policy for full details.
How do I add a project?
Watch our handy YouTube video that walks you through how to add a project. Click this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcxoYRVLqY8&feature=youtu.be

Click "Projects" from the green navigation bar at the top of the page. All of the current projects will appear under the beige header bar with the title Projects in the middle of the page. To the left of the header Projects click "+Add New Project" and you will be brought to the "Add Project" section.

This is where you can type information about your project to add it to the site. Mandatory fields are indicated with asterisks*. Once you fill out the first page of information details for your project click "Save and Continue" to advance to the next screen to upload an image for this project.

Note: You must upload an image in order to publish the project for other users on the site to view it. If you do not upload an image your project can only be saved as a draft.

Click "Browse" to search your computer for a project image. Once selected click the green "Upload" button to generate a preview. You can then use the crop tool to adjust the photo. Add a caption if you would like to further describe the photo. If you want this photo to be the feature image be sure to check the box. Click "Save" when you are done.

You can add as many photos as you wish for each project. When all your photos have been added scroll down to the bottom and click "Publish" or "Save Draft". Clicking "publish" makes it public for everyone on the site to see. Clicking "Save Draft" makes it private for only you to see (you can always publish at a later date).
How do I edit my project after it has been published?
Click "My Projects" on the left hand side of the page under your profile picture. Find the project you would like to make a change to and click the green "Edit" button.
How many projects can I post?
As many as you like.
How many pictures can I include with my project?
Up to 10 per project.
How do I get my project on the home page in the Recent Projects section?
The projects on home page are the most recent. When a new project is added it takes the forefront.
Do projects I add have to be mine?
Yes, the projects that you add should be made by you, or if you are a store, should be made by employees from that store. You don’t have to be the designer of the pattern or fabric, you just have to be the person who made or helped to make the final creation. Be sure to provide any details you have on the pattern used, fabric collection and or designer, tools used, shop you purchased the supplies from etc.
Can I advertise on Northcott Fabric Circle?
The only ads you will see are those provided by Northcott. When we partner with other companies for contests and special events you may see us promoting their brand as well. We do not sell ad space on our web site. We do however encourage Quilt Shops, Pattern Makers and Quilters and Crafters who sell to the public to make the best use of their profile page by filling out as much information as possible, linking to their own web sites, blogs, twitter and facebook pages. We recommend that you mention new and exciting things happening and post projects regularly to capture everyone's attention. This site was built in part to help support our brick and mortar customers and our gifted pattern makers by connecting them to the Quilters, Sewers and Crafters that use Northcott fabrics.
Can Pattern Designers sell their patterns on Northcott Fabric Circle?
No. There is no selling on this site. You are prohibited from mentioning prices. You can however link to your own web site and direct customers there for more information and purchasing.
Can Quilt Shops and Craft Shops sell fabrics and other merchandise on Northcott Fabric Circle?
No. There is no selling on this site. You are prohibited from mentioning prices. You can however link to your own web site and direct customers there for more information and purchasing.
I have a question that was not answered here
Please email us at info@northcottfabriccircle.com and we will be happy to help and improve our FAQ section. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.