These guidelines were created to ensure that the Northcott Fabric Circle remains a fun and positive place to be a part of and visit.
Respectful Commentary Only
The Circle brings together all types of users with different skill levels and interests. If you are going to comment on another user’s project and/or story or send a direct message to a user, it must be respectful and in good taste.

The "Report Abuse" button is there so that if a user feels violated or upset by commentary they can report it. Northcott reserves the right to delete such commentary and in extreme cases prohibit the commentator from future commenting and/or use of the site.

Unacceptable commentary includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Overly aggressive, personally insulting or needlessly abusive
  • Offensive remarks based on skill level, gender or sexual preference
  • Racist, bigoted, or which otherwise offensively target a philosophy or religion
  • Libelous claims about an individual or company are not allowed. If you suspect there has been a copyright violation by a user of the Northcott Fabric Circle, please use the Report Abuse button or contact us at
The same rules apply to any open forums created in the Northcott Fabric Circle.
Be Yourself and No One Else
Yes you can help manage a business’s profile if you have been granted access by the business’s Owner or Manager. For instance, if you work at a Quilt Shop and they have created a Store Profile and have asked that you help to update it and provide fresh content.

Yes you can have a user name other then you’re your real first and last name. For instance, my name is Suzy Smith, but my username is Fabric Momma.

You cannot impersonate someone else. You cannot impersonate a shop or business that is not yours.
Give Credit Where Credit is Due
The Fabric world is full of exciting projects for both professionals and new beginners. When you post a project or tell a story, do your best to credit your sources if applicable. This helps others to be able to make their own similar projects and helps the designers/pattern makers/bloggers/authors, to receive recognition for their hard works and efforts.

If you used a pattern, tell us where you got it and who created it. Was it bought at your local Quilt Shop? Was it created by the shop or professional Pattern Maker? Did you find the pattern or tutorial online for free and if so where can we go to get it as well?

The more information you provide, the better it is for sharing.

If you can’t remember where you got something that is ok! Maybe as a nice gesture you can say something like: "Bought this pattern at my local quilt shop Maggy's Quilting House, but cannot recall who the designer was as I threw out the packaging." Someone who views your project might recognize it and make a comment to tell you who the designer is.

And yes it is ok to put your own spin on someone else’s pattern or design. For example, say you started out using a professional pattern but decided to make your own applique additions. That kind of personal creativity is wonderful and is what makes the quilting and crafting world so fun and exciting! Just make sure not to claim the entire design as your own.

If you created the pattern or design tell us! Boast about your creative talents and be proud of your work. And link to any resources you might have for more great patterns and ideas by you!

Do not claim rights to a pattern, tutorial or design that you did not create. This violates our Terms of Service. It is better to credit no one then to lie.

Do not use The Northcott Fabric Circle to request or distribute copyrighted materials if you do not have permission to do so.
Refrain from Mentioning Prices and Spamming other Users
The Northcott Fabric Circle is not a place to directly conduct commerce. It is a place to promote Northcott Fabrics, Quilting Projects, Patterns, Sewing, Crafts etc, without mentioning pricing. Yes this can be tricky, but here's why we do not allow pricing information: The selling price of goods varies from country to country and Northcott sells fabric internationally and values and respects all of our customers. In order to promote business for all of our customers fairly we have to enforce that pricing cannot be publicly mentioned on this web site. If you are a store, pattern maker or just someone selling items you have made and you wish to discuss the price of your goods for sale you must follow these simple rules:
  1. You can promote a sale, but need to direct users to your own web site or shop for specific details and prices. For Example "End of Season Sale May 15th-30th, Visit our web site for full details"
  2. You can answer specific price questions someone may ask you as long as it is a direct private message response. For example, if you are a store and posted an image of a Quilt you just made and the caption reads "Our new Stonehenge fabrics and patterns just arrived and kits are available for this quilt" Someone may make a public comment asking "How much is it?" Of course you should not ignore them. But instead of posting a public answer, click on their name and choose "Direct Message". Then you can answer their question privately. "Hi Donna, So glad you asked. The kit is $150 and is available to order online via our website" You gain a potential sale and other stores who carry the same goods, but may have it at a different price point are not disheartened. If you wish to make a public answer, so it does not look like you are publically ignoring the question, direct them to personal message you or email you off the web site. Ex. So glad you asked! Please email me at to discuss the price.
  3. No Spam! Do not send unsolicited messages with promotional content to Users whom you have not established a relationship with to know that they would want your promotional update. In addition, posting a promotional message on multiple forums is considered spam.
No Distasteful Content
When choosing images for your profile picture, projects, stories and direct messages, be respectful of the other users on the site. Nudity, hateful or violent content, or content that encourages people to hurt themselves or others is strictly prohibited. Such content violates our Terms of Service. We ask that users report such content using the "Report Abuse" button or by emailing
We Welcome Feedback and Suggestions
The Northcott Fabric Circle is brand new. We encourage our users to give us feedback and make suggestions on what else they would like to see on the web site. We may not be able to directly respond to every email and suggestion, but we do listen and greatly value your input. Please direct your comments, feedback and suggestions to
Changes to our Policies
As the web site grows and new areas are developed we may find it necessary to alter or expand upon our policies (Etiquette Policy, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy) with little or no notification. Any such changes may be enforced in full against previously existing submissions or behavior. Changes of policy may be announced through the direct messaging system.